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October 22 - November 2

You will be traveling with other couples that are influential and in positions of leadership.

Each of you has been selected for this invitation-only tour because of your passion, vision, and commitment to Israel, and for your capacity to participate in what may be the most significant leadership initiative in Israel today.

You will have an opportunity to participate in JH Israel’s cooperative effort with the government of Israel and understand how it is affecting the modern nation today.

In partnership with the City of Ariel and the Ministry of Education, we have established the National Leadership Center in Ariel. Our strategic tour is designed to help you and your family recognize the importance of supporting Israel, and your significant role in the Jewish-Christian relationship.

You will experience faith lessons and moments of reflection at points of biblical interest on your life-changing journey through the biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria.

These relevant messages awaken your heart to the scriptures, making them come alive in a fuller understanding. From the rabbinical backdrop of Jesus’ ministry experienced in a beautiful boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, to the firsthand experience of His last days on earth as you walk the ancient streets of Jerusalem, your heart will be stirred to know him more intimately.



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Our trip to Israel was truly transformational in our understanding of God's plan for His people, both historically and today in Israel. The chance to walk the shores of Galilee and experience the presence of God in Jerusalem remain life highlights.

It was the greatest investment in our family we ever made! The Bible is now in 3D to us! We never fully understood the Jewishness of our faith in Christ. Now that we understand, the New Testament has come alive like never before! It was a life altering experience we will never forget.

Our trips with JH Israel have been life changing for us. Seeing how the land that God gave the Jews is now prospering, seeing prophecy being fulfilled, being touched by God through the teaching of Heather Johnston, and through the fellowship with the new friends we met on the tour made for the most amazing trip.